Appreciation culture as a motivating factor

Appreciation is a basic human need. People want to be appreciated. The best way to show this is through openly showing your appreciation. Show appreciation to your employees. You show appreciation by recognizing them as people who are important to the company, by treating each other fairly and respectfully, by using “please” and “thank you” and by paying attention to your employees and treating them in a friendly manner. Serious and benevolent feedback and constructive criticism (in private!) are also forms of appreciation. Promote social inclusion and prevent bullying and harassment. In addition, show appreciation to your employees through a good flow of information, appraisal interviews, offering development and training opportunities, openness to suggestions for improvement – and through time.

We are all trained to see what is not working. Sharpen your eye for the positive. Recognize even small successes visibly! This promotes motivation.

When a mistake happens, show that you noticed the error. Seek a discussion with the person who made the mistake. Then, together with him or her, find out the cause of the error. Avoid “finger-pointing.” However, hold your employee accountable for correcting the mistake and ensuring that it does not happen again. Avoid personal humiliation, however; instead, empower the employee. Use the error that occurred to encourage and strengthen your employee. Make the knowledge gained from mistakes available to other employees as well! Raise the awareness of all employees for this possible error (QA circle). Finally, ensure that the findings are incorporated into processes or instructions so that the same error is not repeated if possible ? also not anywhere else.


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