Successful collaboration with works councils

Management and works councils are often hostile to each other in companies instead of complementing each other. Employees are the most important resource in many companies. Top commitment and top performance can only be expected if the framework conditions are suitable for employees. Management and the works council have an influence on these framework conditions. Well-trained works councils are not unilaterally interested in rights for employees, but work for the good of the company. Conversely, mindful managers should not only unilaterally optimize the output of employees, but create framework conditions that lead to a healthy performance climate, based on a culture of trust and appreciation and motivation.

Not only issues subject to co-determination should be planned and implemented jointly by management and the works council. The involvement of the works council complements the perspectives, insights and skills of management and promotes both holistic corporate governance and cooperative collaboration even in difficult situations. This is a good prerequisite for avoiding conflicts.


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