Establish a good communication culture

A good communication culture is essential for well-coordinated decisions. Avoid ambiguity in communication which might give the impression that conflicts that are not easy to resolve seem to be solved. Own up to unresolved issues and find solutions to them together. Do not use language to misdirect. This will in fact lead your organization nowhere and will lose trust. Don’t tolerate such behavior in your organization either.

Make sure that meetings are understandable and that they are based on a common understanding. Make it a point to adhere to agreed-upon communication rules. In particular, promote the truthfulness of statements made and the personal honesty and integrity of participants. It is also important to recognize that there will be no absolute truth. Everyone has only limited knowledge. Diversity, openness and tolerance therefore lead to better decisions than going it alone. A sound understanding of values is preferable to any confrontation. Be aware that trust can partially replace a lack of certainty about the future.

Finally, the formal decision-making process also influences the quality of decisions.


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