Calculating Your Ecological Footprint

Our environment is increasingly suffering from human intervention in nature. We extract raw materials from our environment, pollute our atmosphere with exhaust gases and our oceans with waste. Our world has only limited resilience. The Ecological Debt Day serves as a “clinical thermometer” to record this global burden and reflects the disease state of our natural world.

Companies contribute a portion of these burdens. Many companies would like to reduce the burden. However, developments that are not measured cannot be assessed or meaningfully influenced. This also applies to the impact of companies on the environment. There are, however, procedures with which the environmental impact of companies can be recorded.

Two standards have emerged to capture the sustainable behavior of companies: the ecological footprint and the Sustainable Process Index (SPI).

Where do you actually stand on the ecological scale? Is your company operating sustainably? Record your ecological footprint or your Sustainable Process Index (SPI)!


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