Create buyer personas sensibly

Buyer-persona workshops can identify who is involved in the buying decision process, what roles the people involved in the process have, and what pain points they face. Avoid the mistake of developing an idea of your target customers in the management team. Include target customers in this analysis. Without any ill will, your own image and the image of others often differ significantly. Involving customers gives you the certainty that you will reach your customers with relevant topics in your PR and advertising measures.

By the way, buyer-persona analyses are especially recommended in times of economic upheaval, such as economic crises, and social change, such as the Corona era. Structures, value chains, business models and also media use can change massively as a result of such upheavals and call your marketing measures into question. A review of the buyer persona assumptions is therefore worthwhile. The method of buyer persona analysis is also applied in the process model of design thinking.


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