Agilisation to adapt your business on an ongoing basis

In addition to flexibilization, making your organization agile is also important. Stability is not achieved by remaining in a defined state, but by permanent mobility. This sounds paradoxical, but it becomes understandable when you realize that our world is constantly evolving.

This realization is not new and yet still not a matter of course. Even Marcus Aurelius knew about the power of change:

Always direct your attention to everything that happens as a result of transformation, for in this process are all things, and yourself as well. Get used to understanding that nature loves nothing so much as to transform things and always bring forth something new of a similar kind. For every thing is, as it were, the seed of what may become of it.

Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor (121-180 AD)

To be stable, your organization must constantly adapt to these changes. It must perceive the changes, process them and develop itself. This is a constant process of regulation around changing target variables. These target variables can be customer requirements, they can be fluctuating personnel or material availability; they can also be technological challenges or legal changes or requirements.

So you can achieve stability through agility. Agility creates resilience to change or disruption. Changes and disruptions can be balanced.

To create such agility, you need responsible and mindful employees who bring their observations into the business processes. You need ongoing, constructive discourse about opportunities to adapt. And your organization needs ongoing feedback on adaptation successes.


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