Artificial Intelligence (AI) as problem solver

If you are looking for applications that can judge, solve problems and learn, you are entering the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence from machines is superior to human abilities in some respects, for example when it comes to grasping and simulating complex systems and processes, such as in neural networks.

In this context, AI applications can not only grasp contexts once they have been trained, but can also recognize changed contexts and solve dynamically complex problems (deep learning). The highest level of AI is the automation of intelligent, dynamic processes. An example of this is autonomous driving, but also dynamic decision support systems for business management. Such applications, which do not rely on human interaction, fall into the realm of “Autonomous Intelligence”.

AI applications can be used to coordinate processes between different organizations. Complex processes involving different resources can be dynamically optimized with BI. The decision-making processes of AI applications are not traceable; they take place in a black box. To build confidence in the meaningful operation of AI applications, it is advisable to “build” prototypes and provide proof-of-concept before regulating more complex and existence-critical processes on an AI basis.

Despite all the advances in AI, many technically feasible problem-solving capabilities remain specific and must be created by humans. Intrinsic cognitive capabilities (still) remain reserved for humans. Even if machines learn to act strategically, they cannot (yet) learn emotional intelligence.

Rely on standard AI applications that are now available, and avoid individual programming. Create your AI applications in a modular way, and look for standard interfaces between the modules you use to remain flexible. AI experts can help you design AI applications and select and implement modules. However, do not make yourself dependent on individual AI experts, but also train your own employees in AI applications to be able to develop your company autonomously.


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