Arguments for an ERP System Change

If your ERP system does not meet your requirements, do not be afraid to take on a change. After all, the ongoing inadequacies you would otherwise face are more expensive than a spirited change.

Perhaps your processes have evolved, and your ERP system is hindering the consistent application of those processes. Also consider the loss of motivation among your employees caused by functional deficiencies.

When thinking about a possible ERP system change, consider not only the current situation, but also the planned future development of your company. In which direction will your business model develop? What strategy are you pursuing? Does the ERP system support this direction? The ERP system is a decisive factor for success.

Even if your older ERP system is still working well, it can be risky to continue to operate it if vendor support is terminated. Keep in mind the business risk involved.

Some companies have home-programmed ERP systems in place that do just that. But they may no longer be maintainable by younger employees because they don’t know the programming language; or the systems may no longer be operable with new hardware.


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