Interview principles: Rules for staff appraisals

Conduct your appraisal in a professional manner. This starts by scheduling a one-on-one conversation in an undisturbed atmosphere. Go into the conversation with a positive view of people. Show benevolent facial expressions and gestures. Make a sharp distinction between behavior and person. Focus on your professional role and that of your employee. Avoid emotional outbursts. Ask open questions: “Who?”, “How?”, “What?”, “Why?”, “When?” to which your employee can respond in detail. Avoid so-called “barbed wire words” like “but,” “you need to understand …,” “problem,” “bad.” And above all, be aware of your opposite number?s emotions and deal with them constructively. Save face on behalf of the opposite number.

Listen actively. This includes eye contact, with which you pay attention and perceive the person. Signal interest and understanding to your co-worker. Mirror your employee’s expressions and gestures by repeating, picking up on, and continuing talking points. Ask questions. By doing so, you also show interest. Also express perceived feelings and allow messages to have an effect, and give your employee time to think by remaining deliberately silent at times.


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