Briefing on the company as a system


Insight into the valuable view of companies as social systems

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In this set of 23 content slides, you will learn the valuable perspective of viewing companies as social systems that are integrated into their environment through interfaces. Your attention will be drawn to the interactions at these interfaces. You will learn how to promote the stability of your company in this interplay. It’s about connectivity, which you achieve through communication and roles in the process; it’s less about organizational units and positions. You will learn a proven process model to make your business more agile and adaptable, and how to monitor this optimization.



  • You will gain a valuable perspective on your company, understanding it as a social system. They recognize the complex interdependencies within the company.
  • You will be made aware of which actuators you can use to successfully anchor your company as a social system in its environment.
  • You will learn about the influence of reconciliation at the interfaces in the business process and get to know a procedure model with which you can
  • They will learn ways to make their company more connectable and adaptable, thereby improving its viability.
  • You will learn how to appropriately monitor the performance of a social system.


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