Template for business model development with a morphological box



An example of systematic business model development using the morphological box method


You will receive an illustrative example of how you can systematically develop a coherent business model using the morphological box method.

To do this, you define the criteria relevant to your business and select the best expression for each criterion. Along the criteria, this creates a profile of alignment for your company.

On the basis of the provided example, you will clearly learn the method of morphological box and it will be easy for you to develop your business model.


  • You will receive an illustrative example of the systematic development of a business model using the proven method of the morphological box.
  • This method guides you to focus first on collecting all relevant criteria before turning to the expressions of the criteria. This ensures that your business model becomes complete.
  • Because of the vivid presentation, you can carefully align all facets of your business model.


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