Technical site inspection



Especially in Asian countries, it is still possible to negotiate good technical conditions when establishing a location – and to discover expensive pitfalls from the outset if you address the right issues. These are typically commitments to structural facilities for wastewater pretreatment, firewater catch basins, stormwater detention basins, or two parallel piping systems for piped and graywater.



The checklist is used to prepare for investment discussions with land owners, industrial zones or municipalities. It contains all the parameters necessary for the technical suitability check of the construction site including the query of the media connection, technical subsidies and regulations that can cause high construction costs.


  • Structured query of technical framework conditions for property selection
  • Also applicable for rental halls and their general conditions
  • Addressing technical investment issues early on secures appropriate subsidies
  • Enables realistic construction costing, taking into account regulatory requirements and site conditions

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