Web-based self-assessment application SystemScan


Would you like to know how well your company is positioned from a systemic perspective? Then perform a SystemScan.

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Most companies are managed using business ratios that capture and consolidate results from individual operational areas. But companies function differently. As social systems, companies are the result of their communication. Management at interfaces both within the company and with its environment determines the (emergent) capabilities of companies, in particular their connectivity and thus their resilience.

While achieved financial figures depict the past, it is therefore worth taking a complementary look at companies from a systemic perspective.

Here you will get access to “SystemScan”, an innovative self-assessment application that will alert you and your employees to untapped potential to stabilize your business. You will receive immediate recommendations on how to make your company (even) more future-proof.

The results and recommendations for action are clearly compiled in a report of about 50-60 pages.

This brochure describes the purpose, benefits and procedure of SystemScan: bc-Systemscan-Brochure_2021 .

Please contact Dr. Contact Werner Boysen to learn more about SystemScan and to start SystemScan.



  • SystemScan gives you a statement about how well your company is embedded in its economic environment.
  • You will learn how flexibly your organization can react and how effectively it can adapt to changing conditions and how agile it can act.
  • You will learn about the characteristics of your company’s innovative capacity.
  • You will learn how well the processes in your company are aligned and how wisely resources are used from a systemic perspective.
  • You will receive a benefit equivalent to 10 consultant days.


Invitation to participate

After ordering, you will receive an invitation to participate in the self-assessment application, which you can perform immediately. You can use the application once.

Please note that this application to which you purchase access is intended for your personal use only. It is prohibited to resell the application in any form and in any digital or physical way or to publish it in any physical or online publication without my permission. I am the only copyright owner of this file.

Link to the application: Invitation to participate

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