Simple daily report on current business


Excel-based template for a basic daily report on current business. If you automatically fill the template with data from your ERP system on a daily basis, you will know if you are on track with your business.

This template can be extended at will, but this little information form a necessary base.



Instead of planning from commission to commission, a daily overview of the current status and development of the business is recommended. A simple management cockpit should at least show the daily incoming commissions and the commission backlog as well as the daily revenue and the cumulative monthly revenue.

Both incoming commissions and sales should be recorded with their contribution margins. In this way, it can be quickly recognized whether the contribution margins can finance the organization.

Based on the development of the percentage contribution margins of the commission backlog, you can draw conclusions about the development of the “quality” of the incoming commissions and, if necessary, take countermeasures at an early stage.