Whitepaper Project Management in the VUKA World


Are you interested in the future demands on project management, especially against the background of a dynamizing economy? Then you may be interested in this whitepaper about project management in the VUKA world.

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The economy is becoming more dynamic and complex, requiring ongoing adaptation. In this increasingly dynamic and complex world, many changes are organized as projects. This also increases the importance of project management. Project management is nothing really new, but under VUKA conditions (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) the requirements for project management change. Find out where the trend is heading and what skills project managers in VUKA environments should bring with them in this white paper, which was produced in the “Project and Program Management” specialist group of the umbrella organization German Interim Management (DDIM) under the leadership of Dr. Werner Boysen.

This white paper is of interest to clients for project management services and to project managers.



  • You will gain insight into VUKA conditions and, in particular, the relevance of these VUKA conditions to project management.
  • You will learn what is required of project managers under VUKA conditions and what skills project managers should bring to such projects
  • As project managers, they receive concrete suggestions for personal and professional development and learn what their market value is based on under VUKA conditions.


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