Briefing on the preparation and implementation of a succession plan in the company


How an entrepreneurial succession can succeed in the company

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In this set of 10 content slides, you will learn about the goals that can be associated with a business succession process. You will then see the usual procedure for a transfer of entrepreneurial responsibility. You will be sensitized to start the process in time, also to align your company with the sale. During this time, it should also be worked out what is actually to be sold: the entire company? Assets of the company? In addition, an appropriate selling price for the company should be narrowed down and opportunities for an increase in value that can be achieved in the short term should be identified and examined. Finally, this slide set will tell you what types of buyers are generally eligible. This slide set also addresses due diligence.



  • This set of slides will make you aware of why it pays to start handing over corporate responsibility early.
  • You will learn how the usual transaction process works.
  • They are made aware that, in principle, a share deal or an asset deal is possible.
  • You will receive indications of how the company value is calculated, from which the range for the sales price is derived.
  • You will learn about the facets of due diligence.


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