Operational Risk Self-Assessment Template


With this template, you can create a process to monitor your operational risks.

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Operational risks jeopardize economic success and can even wipe out a company’s existence. However, surgical risks often remain undetected or at least “untreated”. It is therefore advisable to have a process for the regular, systematic recording of operational risks in the company. Because operational risks generally arise at the grassroots level of companies, a bottom-up approach to capturing operational risks makes sense. The risks captured at the enterprise base should then be aggregated to see the enterprise risk.

By involving employees in the individual operational functions in the recording process, the bottom-up approach is not only successfully implemented; rather, employees’ awareness of operational risks is already heightened. Some risks can thus be reduced or even avoided through an operational risk self-assessment. Have your employees think about what operational risks they perceive from their perspective, how they assess the probability of occurrence, and what actions they can think of to counteract risks.

For this purpose, you will find a template here, which you can implement in your company as it is or in an individually adapted form.



  • You get a largely deformed template for a process for taking operational risks in your organization.
  • By implementing an Operational Risk Self-Assessment based on this template, you and your staff will become aware of operational risks, and you can even avoid risks or be better prepared to respond to them.


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