OEE calculator for production



Calculator for determining the system effectiveness


This web-based calculator allows you to calculate the overall effectiveness of your production equipment. The three parameters essential for the performance assessment are combined in the calculation:

  • the availability of the plant,
  • the output (output),
  • the product quality achieved.

You enter your production figures:

  • Shift duration,
  • Break times,
  • Setup times,
  • Downtime,
  • Cycle times,
  • Number of units achieved.

The application calculates the availability according to a recognized method and assesses the output and quality level. From this, the application calculates the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This gives you an objective measure of the effectiveness of your production.

You will also receive valuable advice on ways to specifically improve OEE.



  • You get a reliable statement about your plant effectiveness.
  • You get the detailed results on availability, output and product quality.
  • You can enter goals yourself and see how far you are from your goals or even how far they have been exceeded.
  • You can use the OEE calculator regularly to determine and document a development.

Digital download

After ordering, you will receive access to the web-based OEE calculator, which you can then use immediately.

Please note that the application to which you purchase access is intended for your personal use only. It is prohibited to resell the templates in any form or in any digital or physical way or to publish them without my permission. I am the only copyright holder of this application.

Link to the web-based application

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