Function description “manufacturing and operation”


Sample functional descriptions for the functions in production and in operation

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Here you will find a selection of function descriptions and requirement profiles derived from them for the subject area “Production and Operation”.

  • production management
  • Assistant to the production manager
  • Working foreman milling
  • Skilled worker gear milling
  • Skilled worker CNC milling
  • Working foreman turning
  • Skilled worker carousel turning
  • Skilled center lathe worker
  • Skilled worker radial drilling
  • Skilled worker soft deburring
  • Skilled worker fine deburring
  • Skilled worker crack testing
  • Skilled worker grinding burn test
  • Skilled worker CNC programming
  • Assistant Master Grinding
  • Skilled worker gear grinding
  • Skilled workers grinding, honing, grooving
  • Assistant foreman assembly
  • Skilled assembly worker
  • Skilled worker tool management
  • Head of Maintenance
  • Skilled maintenance worker
  • Production optimization turning and milling

You can use the open Word-sample descriptions as basic documents and adapt them to your processes.