Liquidity planning template

With this simple template you can create your liquidity planning.



If liquidity is threatening to become tight, liquidity planning is recommended. In critical cases, commercial banks expect solid liquidity planning.

Here you will find a deformed working template that you can use to create your liquidity planning.

The open MS Excel file contains three worksheets. In the first deformed worksheet, enter your sales, revenue, and expense figures from your last three BWAs. Then do the planning for the next 12 months by writing in your expectations for changes from each previous month. This will provide you with a coherent plan income statement. In the third worksheet, enter credit information in the fields highlighted in yellow. Automatically, your liquidity planning results at the bottom of the planning worksheet.



  • You will receive a largely deformed template (open MS Excel document) for liquidity planning, which will save you a lot of effort.
  • Depending on the requirement, for example from a commercial bank, you can also use this template to create a liquidity plan on a weekly basis. During crisis periods, there is often a bank requirement to maintain a rolling 13-week liquidity plan.


Digital download

After ordering, you will receive a download link to the template, which you can use immediately.

Please note that this template, to which you purchase access, is for your personal use only. It is prohibited to resell the artwork in any form and in any digital or physical way or to publish it in any physical or online publication without my permission. I am the only copyright owner of this file.

Link to download: MS Excel document


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