Basics of interior leadership


How to know yourself and become effective as a leader

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Here is a set of slides that teaches you, in 7 content slides, how to become more self-aware of your assets, abilities, limitations, and ambitions in order to lead effectively. This set of slides shows that leadership starts with everyone. The “Inner Form” is the prerequisite for being able to lead others. Not everyone is a leader; not everyone wants to lead others. There are also opportunities to grow professionally. However, if you want to lead, you should actually fulfill the leadership role and develop your leadership skills.



  • In this small set of slides, you will learn to ask yourself critical questions about leadership aptitude: Do I want to be a leader? Do I have leadership qualities?
  • You can measure yourself against characteristics of a positive leader.
  • You also reflect on how you fill the role as a leader, how you bring about decisions, and how you provide direction to others.
  • Your decision to be a leader or not may be more deliberate than before after reading this.


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