Calculation application for the assessment of the location question


It is often not possible to determine at first glance whether a site merger makes sense. With this application, this issue can be assessed objectively.



Here you will find a generalized calculation application that you can use to objectively determine whether or not merging several operational locations makes economic sense for your case. This calculation application includes the expenses for the relocation as well as the current revenues and expenses resulting from a decision. However, it is very important that the change in employee motivation triggered by a decision, expected changes in collective bargaining agreements and possible start-up difficulties (downtimes, stock build-up, rejects, delivery delays) are also taken into account.

The calculation application consists of three linked worksheets: In worksheet you enter your assumptions, a second worksheet shows a comparison of all options and a third provides a P&L comparison.

As a result, the application shows the setup effort for a possible change (move) and results in a statement on the change in [EUR] regarding the total profit and loss statement in the first year after the implementation of the decision as well as in the long term. Thus, this computational application is a suitable simulation tool to objectively prepare the decision on site consolidation.



  • You will gain access to a field-tested computational application to prepare for a site consolidation decision.
  • Already during the use of the application you train the view of the involved persons for the relevant parameters and the non-trivial cause-effect relationships.
  • The three worksheets of this tool are completely deformed, but can be individually extended or adapted if necessary (open MS Excel file).


Digital download

After ordering, you will receive a download link to the deformed MS Excel file, which you can use immediately.

Please note that this calculator application to which you purchase access is for your personal use only. It is prohibited to resell the application in any form and in any digital or physical way or to publish it in any physical or online publication without my permission. I am the only copyright owner of this file.

Link to download: MS Excel file

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