Checklist for Technical Due Diligence


Use this field-tested checklist to perform technical due diligence.



In the context of corporate transactions, target companies are systematically assessed. The instrument of due diligence is used for this purpose. One facet of this due diligence is the examination of the operational possibilities and limitations of the company in which you are interested. The systematic assessment of these technical aspects is the subject of technical due diligence, for which you will find a structured checklist here.

The practical checklist addresses business operations and processes with 6 questions, environmental protection with 21 questions and operating facilities with 10 questions.

As a prospective buyer, you can write your findings behind each point, use relevant sources of information, refer to facilities, name verification documents and write your comments. This will create a record of your review as you conduct your technical due diligence. If, following your review, you have the seller sign for his confirmation, you will have a valuable basis for the guarantees to be defined in the purchase contract.

This checklist is also valuable for sellers to carefully prepare for a Technical Due Diligence. Go through the points on this checklist carefully and consider how you can find answers to them or what you should still grind in your company before the sale with regard to technical possibilities and limitations and environmental aspects.

This checklist is available in German, English and Spanish so that company transactions can be supported across national borders.


Advantages of this checklist for technical due diligence

  • With this checklist, you will be made aware of essential relevant areas for review that relate to technical and environmental aspects.
  • You will receive a practice-oriented checklist for technical due diligence that is appropriately in-depth.
  • For prospective buyers, the use of this checklist during the technical due diligence creates a solid basis for the seller-side guarantees to be defined in the purchase contract.
  • For sellers, this checklist gives concrete indications of possible questions that prospective buyers will ask. The checklist supports good preparation for the sales process and the associated technical due diligence.


Digital download

After ordering, you will receive a download link to the structured checklist, which you can use immediately.

Please note that this checklist to which you are purchasing access is for your personal use only. It is prohibited to resell the checklist in any form and in any digital or physical manner, or to publish it in any physical or online publication without my permission. I am the sole copyright holder of this file.

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What does “technical due diligence” mean?

The term “technical due diligence” includes the systematic recording of the operational prerequisites, possibilities and limitations of a company or part of a company. This includes above all the technological capabilities, the processes used, the capacities, the operational flexibility and adaptability and the possibilities for expansion, but also the limitations.

Technical due diligence for real estate: what to look out for

The situation of commercial real estate is often assessed in the context of technical due diligence. There are many legal aspects to be considered: Is the ownership of the property clear? Have all building permits been granted? Are there possibilities for expansion? How can it be ensured that there are no contaminated sites on the property? Because of these special features, it makes sense to carry out the technical due diligence for real estate separately. We offer a separate checklist for this purpose: the Site Due Diligence Checklist.

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