Quick Check: DDIM “Readiness for Project Management”


Do you want to know if your organization is well equipped to meet the demands of project management? Then perform this quick check.

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In our dynamic economy, project work is becoming increasingly important. In many companies, project work already accounts for a significant proportion of overall activities. Project work is very different from working in line. Project work places demands on management, on the organization and on IT. To find out how well prepared your organization is for the challenges that project work brings, take this “Readiness for Project Management” quick check developed by DDIM’s Project and Program Management Specialist Group. Click here for the pragmatically designed quick check. After your participation in the Quick-Check, you will immediately receive qualified feedback from a member of the expert group.



  • You will learn immediately whether your organization meets its project management requirements.
  • You will receive qualified feedback to eliminate possible weaknesses in a targeted manner.


Digital download

After ordering, you will receive a download link to the Quick Check, which you can run immediately.

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Link to download: Access to the Quick Check