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Do you want to make your organization powerful and tap all its potential? Then this state-of-the-art process model for agilization is of interest to you.

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My swim coach recommended, “If you want to swim faster, you have to swim faster.” As unhelpful as this recommendation is, so is the recommendation to “Become profitable!” This “CyberPractice” process model shows where the effective levers for optimization in organizations lie. It also shows how responsibility can be established in organizations and how the performance of an organization can increase in a spiral with each development step. Success motivates and inspires. Bring motivation back into your organization by implementing this process model!

The name “CyberPractice” is composed of the first part of the word “cybernetics” and “practicality”.



  • You will learn how you can directly use the interaction of the actors in your company to optimize your organization.
  • You will receive concrete recommendations for the implementation of this process model.
  • You will make your organization significantly more agile, powerful and effective.


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