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The better you know your customers, the more successful you can sell

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Here is a proven Excel-based CRM worksheet that your sales force can use to systematically identify relevant information about buying and potential customers. With the help of this simply designed worksheet, your sales force will be guided to assess and target the relationship with their key customers. Are we seen as a component supplier, a problem solver or even a strategic partner? The entry point is to identify the people at the customer’s site who are involved in preparing, influencing, and deciding to make a purchase. Who are these people? Who promotes, who advocates, who doubts, who prevents the development of the business relationship? Who decides? Who cares? Cornerstones include capturing the strategy of these key customers, identifying competitors who want to sell to these key customers, and deriving the company’s own strengths and weaknesses in relation to each key customer. This analysis leads to a realistic objective with each key customer, from which an action plan is derived.

Recommendation: Create a customer relationship development process in which you include this CRM worksheet as an authoritative “living” document.



  • The simple but ingeniously useful CRM worksheet is provided as an open MS Excel file and can be used directly.
  • With the help of this small worksheet, your account managers will be able to better systematically question information about their key customers.
  • The dialogues your account managers have with their customers to gather information are already contributing to a developing customer relationship.
  • You will be commissioned not so much on the basis of your prices, but on the basis of your contribution to the solution.
  • Consistent application of this simple CRM worksheet will make your business more successful.
  • You can also transfer the logic of this CRM worksheet to your CRM system.


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