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How to introduce ideas into your innovation process in a structured way

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Here you will find a structured checklist to help you systematically incorporate ideas into your innovation process. This one-pager has it all. As compact and simple as it appears, it can be easily integrated into operational processes. From the type of innovation pursued with the idea, to the expected degree of innovation, to the potential that can potentially be tapped with the implementation of the respective idea, this checklist captures the essential key data.

This checklist should be available to every employee in the company to contribute ideas to the innovation process. Ingenious things often seem amazingly simple. So it is with this idea description checklist.

Also recommended at this point is the Stagegate process available at consultingcheck for deciding on ideas along the process.



  • This small checklist helps employees to structure their ideas right from the start and to systematically question them for their potential.
  • The checklist helps to fill the idea funnel for a lively innovation process.
  • The checklist is a suitable tool to promote innovation activity in the company.


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