Business plan checklist (PDF)



This checklist will give you an orientation on how your business plan should be structured and what statements it should contain.


This checklist will guide you to prepare a good and complete business plan in a form that is usually expected by commercial banks.

You will learn in detail how you should build your business plan and what information it should give.


  • This checklist will put you in a position to create a professional business plan.
  • The checklist will guide you in your thinking and give you valuable advice on aspects to consider for your business venture. Your business concept will be better and your business will be more successful.
  • A business plan that you create using this checklist will increase the chance of raising money for your business venture.

Digital download

After ordering, you will receive a download link to the checklist, which you can execute immediately. You can download the checklist as many times as you like.

Please note that this checklist, to which you purchase access, is for your personal use only. It is prohibited to resell the slides in any form and in any digital or physical manner, or to publish them in any physical or online publication without my permission. I am the only copyright owner of this file.

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