BoardRoom simulation application


Would you like to know whether your decisions are more likely to stabilize or destabilize your organization? Then simulate your decisions in BoardRoom.



Decision-makers are not always aware of the effects their decisions trigger. In particular, when decisions made by different people in management interact with each other, there are overlapping, complex developments that are difficult or impossible to predict. A simulation of such decisions can raise awareness of such complex developments.

Here you get full user access to “BoardRoom”, a Vensim-based System Dynamics application that allows you to simulate management decisions. You can see the impact your decisions would have on the stability of your company. You can carry out several runs, compare the effects with each other and draw learning effects. Here you can test the application in a demo version: Demo version



  • With BoardRoom, you can quickly see whether intended decisions for bundles of measures are more likely to stabilize or destabilize your company.
  • Alternative options allow you to learn how your choices work without having to understand the cause-and-effect relationships in detail.
  • The results are displayed graphically.
  • You can save your simulation runs.


Digital download

After ordering, you will receive a download link to the simulation application, which you can run immediately. You can use the simulation application as many times as you like

Please note that this simulation application to which you purchase access is for your personal use only. It is prohibited to resell the slides in any form and in any digital or physical way or to publish him in any physical or online publication without my permission. I am the only copyright owner of this file.

Download link: Access to the web-based simulation application

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