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Descriptive poster with essential elements of the tour

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Here you will find a poster illustrating the main elements of the tour. The poster addresses aspects of interior guidance and exterior guidance. In particular, it highlights the important issues of process design, change management, and employee reviews. The poster is suitable – plotted out in DIN A2 format excellent as an orientation for the office wall.



  • You will receive a poster that you can plot out and hang in your employees’ offices to highlight the topic of leadership.
  • The poster will serve as a vivid orientation for your employees.


Digital download

After ordering you will receive a download link to the poster, which you can use immediately.

Please note that this poster to which you purchase access is for your personal use only. It is prohibited to resell the slides in any form and in any digital or physical manner, or to publish them in any physical or online publication without my permission. I am the only copyright owner of this file.

Download link: pdf


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