Basics of employee leadership

How to successfully manage your employees

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Here you will find a set of slides that will teach you the essentials of managing employees on 26 content slides. The intellectual and conceptual basis for this management model is the aspiration to achieve and maintain a balance between performance orientation and fair and human interaction at a high level. A culture of trust and appreciation are the cornerstones of good employee management. Be sensitized to consciously deploy employees according to their inclinations, interests and ambitions, to noticeably differentiate between top performers, high performers, high potentials and non-performers and to continuously develop your team. Also look at the fact that there must be a willingness to lead as well as the ability to lead, as well as the ability to lead.



  • This compact set of slides will provide you with an overview of the entire topic of “Employee Management”.
  • They recognize that a balance between performance orientation on the one hand and fair and humane interaction on the other leads to the best results.
  • You will learn to sensitively differentiate between different leadership styles depending on the situation and the person.
  • You will learn about the importance of leadership readiness, leadership ability, and leadership opportunity for leadership success.
  • You will learn how to deal with former colleagues as a fresh manager.


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