Processes are the arteries of organizations. With the quality of your processes stand and fall both your profits and the viability of your organization.


Your processes are the arteries of your organization. Processes have a considerable influence on the “circularity” of your operational activities. The quality of the processes and the meaningful interconnection of the processes have a significant impact on the performance and on the efficiency of your company. In the end, processes influence the motivation of your employees and the reputation with your customers. Activities, functional descriptions and finally organizational structures should only result from the processes – never the other way around.

Here you will find well thought-out format templates for processes that cover the entire operational spectrum. Use these process representations as a template and adapt them to the individual circumstances in your organization if necessary.


  • You receive well thought-out format templates for a variety of processes in MS Visio format that can be freely edited.
  • You will recognize the interrelationships in operational processes.
  • You will become aware of the places where the defined processes are “worked past”. Here, the defined processes may not be optimal or prerequisites are missing that should be created.
  • You receive impulses for input and output of the process steps and can recognize whether criteria for releases, checklists, etc. still need to be worked out so that processes run smoothly.
  • You benefit from examples of useful feedback loops in the processes.
  • You will recognize for which activities responsibilities may be missing.


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