Here you will find useful applications for management decision support, including IT topics.


In this category you will find briefings on relevant topics, such as complexity management, the company as a social system, decision-making or change management. You will also find access to “SystemScan”, a web-based self-assessment application to assess the future viability of your company. You will also find the simulation application “BoardRoom”, which allows you to play through the effect of alternative management decisions for bundles of measures on the resilience of your company. You will find the “CyberPractice” procedure model.

But you’ll also find a form for an integrated assessment of a merger of operational sites. And you’ll find a format template for an authorization scheme.

You might also be interested in a whitepaper on project management in the VUKA world and another whitepaper on management cybernetics.

Of course, occupational health and safety is also covered in this section.

And IT topics are also covered in this section. For example, you will find a checklist for requirements for a new ERP system.


  • You get access to relevant information and procedure models on specific management topics.
  • You get access to web-based self-assessment applications that provide interesting insights into your company.
  • You get access to simulation applications that provide you with important insights.



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