Company transactions

If you’re not an institutional investor, you don’t buy or sell businesses that often. Here you will find practical support for your corporate transaction.


Do you want to sell your company or sell shares in your company? Do you want to buy a company or take a stake in one? In any case, you have come to the right place if you need support. Here you will find useful information about corporate transactions. As a seller, you may find our briefing on the preparation and implementation of a succession plan helpful. You can use our capitalized earnings value calculator to roughly determine the value of the company up for transaction. You can also use the deformed investment appraisal template to see what value a business will provide you. Information about the decision process can help you structure your decision in a meaningful way. If applicable, the deformed template can help you identify whether it makes economic sense to merge locations as part of a business transaction.

The template for liquidity planning and, if applicable, the template for integrated financial planning will help you in any case when planning the financing of a company acquisition. As a prospective buyer, you can also use our checklists for the various aspects of due diligence.



  • As a prospective buyer as well as a seller, you will benefit from the information and formatted templates on corporate transactions.
  • Our capitalized earnings value calculator provides you with a reliable statement of the company’s value in just a few minutes and without in-depth technical knowledge.
  • With access to the format templates, you save time and effort when preparing an investment calculation, a business plan and liquidity planning.


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