Now out of crisis mode and back to creatively shaping the future!

The strain on people and businesses during the Corona period, which shook up supply chains, and the energy crisis that seamlessly followed, was undoubtedly extraordinary. This so-called stack crisis, which has left unmistakable traces, has triggered fears among us and understandably puts us in a state of alarm. And now OpenAI comes forward with ChatGPT – and of course, again, fears are primarily spurred.

Many have now settled into a kind of emergency mode in which the only item on the agenda is immediate survival, trusting in the state that will already help.

In many companies, I don’t even recognize that necessary adjustments have been courageously initiated in the past two years. And that would merely be reactive change. Where has the entrepreneurial ambition gone to look for opportunities that lie in change?

Treat yourself to a long weekend in a beautiful place where you can free your mind from this loop of stagnation. Then, critically examine your business model, your market performance, the way you market and your operational processes. Decisively let go of what will no longer stand the test of time in the changed world and look for opportunities with potential that present themselves under the new conditions. A corporate foresight process can help you to cope with the such a fundamental change challenge.

Get out of crisis mode and back to creatively shaping the future!


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