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consultingcheck is aimed at interested specialists and executives in commercial enterprises.

In order to provide these target users not only with relevant information, solution approaches and working tools, but also with access to proven experts who make their skills available for implementation support, consultingcheck gives experts the opportunity to introduce themselves to consultingcheck in a context-related manner.

As an experienced interim manager, specialized management consultant, proven specialist lawyer, insurance agent with special offers or as a provider of interesting products and services, you can reach your target customers at consultingcheck, exactly when they need you.

This creates a win-win situation: For users, consultingcheck becomes even more attractive through topic-related access to experts, and experts benefit from access to attractive mandates.

How you can present your company on consultingcheck

consultingcheck offers you two ways to present your expertise to your target customers:

You can create

  • a digital business card
  • and/or an exclusive detailed expertise page.

Your Digital Business Card on consultingcheck

You can deposit your digital business card at consultingcheck for the exact topics on which your customers shall find you. This is your direct access to the customers you want to win.

Our Offers for a Digital Business Card on consultingcheck

For specialists

  • Basic business card
    • Basic profile
    • Logo b/w
    • Service field (50 characters)
    • Phone number
    • E-mail address
    • Link
  • Display of your business card on up to 5 topics chosen by you

25 EUR/month
Duration: 12 Months

For Allrounders

  • Extended business card
    • Basic profile
    • Colored Logo
    • Service field (100 characters)
    • Phone number
    • E-mail address
    • Link
  • Display of your business card on up to 10 topics chosen by you

35 EUR/month
Duration: 12 Months

For ambitious users

  • Premium business card
    • Basic profile
    • Colored Logo
    • Service field (150 characters)
    • Phone number
    • E-mail address
    • Link
  • Display of your business card on up to 15 topics chosen by you

49 EUR/month
Duration: 12 Months

Your advantages with your Digital Business Card on consultingcheck

  • consultingcheck is aimed at business professionals and executives. Therefore, with consultingcheck you reach exactly your target customers.
  • Through the contextual positioning of your business card, you will be found exactly when and where professionals and executives are interested in your services.
  • A click on the link on your business card brings interested parties directly to your website.
  • You receive an annual evaluation of views, clicks and conversions from consultingcheck. This way you can objectively evaluate your presence with your digital business card at consultingcheck.
  • You will be continuously informed by consultingcheck about interesting and relevant business opportunities.
  • Only little time effort for creating your digital business card on consultingcheck

Create your Digital Business Card on consultingcheck

Here you can learn how to position your digital business card on consultingcheck for relevant topics and how to get in touch with potential clients. You will be guided through a straight-forward process.

  • Select a suitable service package and register as a partner with consultingcheck during the booking process. Then log in to your personal member portal with your access data and create one or more Basic, Pro or Premium business cards. You can view and adjust your profile at any time under the menu item Partner Profile.
  • As a registered expert, you can finally place your profile in a menu targeted to one or more topics. Your digital business card will be displayed to users exactly when they are interested in your services.
  • You can see your bookings at any time in the user account and adjust them monthly in a booking menu.

Your Expertise Page on consultingcheck

Why an Expertise Page on consultingcheck?

As a proven expert, you can create your exclusive Expertise Page at consultingcheck since the turn of the year 2022/23, with which you can present your special competencies, your skills and your abilities in detail to specialists and executives with budget responsibilityWith your expertise page, you acquire a valuable presence directly in your relevant target market.

consultingcheck guarantees exclusivity for your topic. No one else will place an expertise page on consultingcheck on this topic.

The first expertise pages have already been implemented in the German version of consultingcheck. For example, take a look at the functional page of Dr. Werner Boysen, Managing Director of Dr. Boysen Management + Consulting GmbH, on the topic of “Coping with Corporate Crises” or at the German industry-related page of Thomas Schulz, Managing Director of RAU INTERIM GmbH, on the topic of “Interim Management in the Food Industry”.

Your advantages with your Expertise Page on consultingcheck

  • With your expertise page at consultingcheck you can reach specialists and executives.
  • consultingcheck stands for sophisticated management consulting. With your expertise page you position yourself on this sound quality level.
  • You receive exclusivity from consultingcheck for your topic, be it a clearly defined industry or a functional expertise such as quality management, digitalization or data protection.
  • You can present your expertise in detail and illustrate it with examples.
  • To create your expertise page, you get the support of consultingcheck:
    • Format template with proven structure
    • editorial proof-reading
    • graphic realization on the consultingcheck website
  • Your expertise page will be actively promoted by consultingcheck.
  • Interested parties will be redirected directly to your website when clicking on your link on your expertise page.
  • Your expertise page is a high-profile marketing and sales instrument for you.

Our offer for your Experise Page on consultingcheck

For your top presence with your target customers with your exclusive expertise page at consultingcheck, you pay EUR 2,000.00 plus V.A.T. annually in advance. For the setup process we charge a one-time fee of EUR 400.00 plus V.A.T.

How to create your Expertise Page on consultingcheck

If you are interested in an expertise page, please contact us at We will send you a template in which you can enter your content in a structured way. You have the opportunity to outline your methods and process models, cite illustrative examples, and highlight the benefits from which your customers will profit. In the discussion we optimize your draft if necessary. We take care of the short-term and professional implementation of your expertise page on the website.


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