consultingcheck now also available in English!

The time has come: consultingcheck is now also available in English.

This means that consultingcheck can be used by a large part of the world. This was made possible by David Mackie and Judith Fortey, who translated the entire application including all checklists, forms and applications from German, and Janosch Skrobek, who from a technical point of view integrated the English version into the webapp in such a way that future updates can easily be incorporated in both versions and in possible further language versions. Of course, English-speaking users will mostly receive recommendations of English-language background literature.

In parallel to the ongoing promotion of consultingcheck in the German target market, we will also promote consultingcheck in the main English-speaking target markets. To do this, alongside the onsite optimization of the offer for search engines, we will mainly use Google Ads and Social Media, but also targeted PR. With this wide reach to relevant target groups, consultingcheck will also become even more attractive to advertisers.


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