Sustainability is no option. It is a Must.

Sustainable management is no longer an option, but a must. Global challenges, legal requirements and competitive factors are forcing companies to operate sustainably. In this article, you will find out exactly what is involved and what options you have to tread the path to sustainable business. With the exploitation of our earth’s primary raw materials

Yield potential in production, logistics and quality assurance

There are some question marks over the economic development. This makes it all the more important to keep costs under control. In many manufacturing companies, considerable earnings potential is slumbering in production, logistics and quality assurance. And because potentials are so interesting precisely because they can still be realized, consultingcheck has taken an in-depth look

consultingcheck now also available in Spanish language

After the German and the English version, consultingcheck is now also available in the Spanish version. Asun has done a great job translating all previous content into Spanish. The Spanish language allows professionals and managers not only from the Iberian Peninsula, but also from Central and South America to access consultingcheck’s services. With this step,

consultingcheck presents at the annual conference of the German Society for System Dynamics

On the first event day of the annual conference 2023 of the German Society for System Dynamics (DGSD), which was held at the Fernuniversität Hagen, Dr. Werner Boysen presented “BoardRoom”, an innovative tool for simulating the effects of management decisions in manufacturing companies on the stability of the companies, on April 27, 2023 at 3:00

Now out of crisis mode and back to creatively shaping the future!

The strain on people and businesses during the Corona period, which shook up supply chains, and the energy crisis that seamlessly followed, was undoubtedly extraordinary. This so-called stack crisis, which has left unmistakable traces, has triggered fears among us and understandably puts us in a state of alarm. And now OpenAI comes forward with ChatGPT

How should Companies prodeed with Generative AI?

Since the beginning of 2023 at the latest, many entrepreneurs and specialists and managers have been worried because they see what the generative artificial intelligence applications that are suddenly available everywhere can do. On the one hand, they are concerned with the question of which tasks companies can perform more easily or better with AI,

Sufficiency as a means to resilience?

Following the Corona turmoil, which brought previously unimaginable supply chain bottlenecks and massive price increases for input materials, an unexpected energy shortage and increase in energy prices and an emerging reluctance to invest and consume are now exacerbating the economic situation of companies and households – as if the tight situation on the labor market

Benefit of consultingcheck for interim managers

On October 28/29, 2022, interim managers organized in DDIM had the opportunity to get to know consultingcheck.As part of the DDIM annual congress at the Von der Valk Airport Hotel, consultingcheck was represented with a presentation and an information stand to introduce the benefits of consultingcheck to the nearly 400 interim managers attending the congress.

Avoid insolvency, but above all, avoid insolvency procrastination!

With the difficulties caused by the measures against the spread of the Corona virus, the insolvency filing obligation was suspended in many countries since spring 2020. However, not every entrepreneur and not every managing director is aware that the insolvency filing obligation has been fully put in place again – with a few exceptions that

Determine the value of a company in a quick and simple way!

consultingcheck offers you a tried and tested application for little money, with which you can roughly determine the value of a company with little effort, without having to know and apply formulas yourself. Just enter a few comprehensible data and you will get the value of a company – completely anonymous. The company value becomes


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